Adding <lable> to QuickForm

Hello, just wondered if anyone knew how to add <label> to quickform…

The check box has the abilty to add a lable after the checkbox but i want to do one for the text element

As you can see by the picture below the check box has text after it using the code :

$form->addElement('checkbox', 'new_post', 'New Posts?', ' (Would you like to receive email\\'s when a new post has been made in forums you have posted in? )',null);

And i want to do the same thing with the STO Alias,

so i can have : STO Alias ->>>input box<<<<- ** Please seperate youe alias by - I.e Charname1@YourAccount-Charname2@YourAccount **

Any ideas help would be greatly appreciated

Nobody? Anybody…