Adding Function.prototype as a noop callback

Hi everybody.

I have a javascript code to insert a Google Geocoder:

$url = '' . $address . '&key=' . $this->getServerApiKey();

And need to add the function.prototype as a noop callback to prevent an error.

It should be:

I am not a js coder and do not get the way to include the callback at the end of:

$url = '' . $address . '&key=' . $this->getServerApiKey();


The issue is that the javascript is in a php file:

        $address = urlencode($address);
        $url = '' . $address . '&key=' . $this->getServerApiKey();
        $data = json_decode($this->getUrl($url));

I need to add the callback to fix the problem explained in this URL:

How to fix Loading the Google Maps JavaScript API without a callback is not supported

I have tried to insert the callback (&callback=Function.prototype) at the end of the line but in some cases there is no effect at all and in others a page error.

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