Adding Fields in Google Form

I’m making a form in Google forms…how can I make it so users can keep adding values in a field? E.g. if they enter in an alpha number, and they have more alpha numbers to input, they can automatically keep having fields appear for the users to take advantage of.

It can be done in JavaScript, as long as the form fields exist within an element that is named. Easier in jQuery, of course, but don’t load that just for this.

Just place a button that calls a function that will append (jQuery) or {element} = {element} + {html} (vanilla JS) the additional form field.

I don’t have any examples handy, unfortunately.



You can use Javascript in Google forms? I’m aware of doing this in Javascript but I do not see any way to add Javascript.

This may help (man it is a struggle googling for “add field dynamically to a google form” :stuck_out_tongue: – seriously, 80% of the results are not want I wanted! grrrr!)

I was unable to find the correct search terms. Trust me, I do Google before starting threads. You can tell by my OP I had trouble accurately describing what I want.

Yes, I know. I’m not being a smart-***, I’m dead serious. 80%+ is out-dated or completely not what I wanted to find to try and help you!

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Internet is just terrible for reading sarcasm. I’m sorry :frowning: .

That is partially my fault. I meant the smiley as a "google should be able to find help related to google products, and should have made that clearer :slight_smile:

From my more recent searches, it does seem you have to use Google App Scripts to do it (which is JavaScript).

How can I use GAS into my form? Opening up the script editor and saving that code from your previous post, that seems to give me a completely separate form. I’d like to build upon the functionality (like JS is supposed to…)

Screw it. I’m going HTML/Javascript.

I’m not 100% sure. I’ve never used Google Forms :frowning:

Well, that escalated quickly.

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I was trying to go Google form to make it easier to maintain. This appears to not be the case :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Does Google actually make anything easier? I’m sure it would have made their invasion of privacy just that much easier… for THEM. :smiley:



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My boss mentioned I should look into it since we use it for some other small crap. Just the nature of this one form field forcing JS functionality makes me not able to use it.

I am using it for one other form and yes it does make my life easier. My boss will have to just understand. He’s very tech savvy and will understand. I don’t expect pushback; I’ve gained trust :slight_smile: .

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