Adding css to pages with a certain category

I’m trying to add css to pages with a category of education for this page:

I’m trying variations of the following but nothing seems to be right?

.cp-categs-education.campaign_meta_wrap { display: none; }

I appreciate any help.

That selector will have no effect on that page.

I see 2 different tags each having only one of each class

<article id="post-2935" class="post-2935 campaign type-campaign status-publish has-post-thumbnail hentry cp-categs-education">
  <div class="cmsms_campaign_cont">
    <figure class="cmsms_img_wrap">
      <a href="" title="Elective Home Education" class="cmsms_img_link preloader highImg">
        <img width="860" height="400" src="" class="full-width wp-post-image" alt="Elective Home Education" title="Elective Home Education" />
    <div class="campaign_meta_wrap">

Depending on what you are trying to target you will need to add a comma, space, (or other) or modify the HTML

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