Adding a watermark to a video via ffmpeg


How/where would I add this: error_log($shell) into the file code
to show info in PHP error log?


That would do it, if that’s where your watermark.png file is located. As the ffpmeg command appears to require a complete path for the video file, it is reasonable to presume it will need a complete path for the watermark as well.


Anywhere that you want to log the current value of that variable.


Thank you for your replies. Can you give me an example of what you’re suggesting?


I can’t really give you an example of the full path to the watermark file because I don’t know what it is on your installation. And if you know the full path, then you can put it into the command line directly.


Thanks for your reply. Does this look correct, in regard to adding: error_log($shell)

            if ($video_res >= 854 || $video_res == 0) {
                error_log($shell     = shell_exec("$ffmpeg_b -y -i $video_file_full_path -i /home/user/public_html/watermark.jpg -filter_complex 'overlay=x=(main_w-overlay_w)/2:y=(main_h-overlay_h)/2' -vcodec libx264 -preset {$pt->config->convert_speed} -filter:v scale=854:-2 -crf 26 $video_output_full_path_480 2>&1"));
                $upload_s3 = PT_UploadToS3($filepath . "_480p_converted.mp4");
                $db->where('id', $insert);
                $db->update(T_VIDEOS, array(
                    '480p' => 1


@ChrisjChrisj I confess I’m not all that familiar with shell commands. What do each of these do?

-y -i -filter_complex -vcodec -preset -filter -crf


Not to me, though I’ve never tried it. To my mind (and it seems the documentation agrees, on a cursory read) you need to just have a string as a parameter. I don’t know whether what you have done would work - what happens when you try it? The way I would have done it would be:

$shell = shell_exec(... all your stuff here  );
error_log("location comment" . $shell);

where "location comment" is just a note that will appear in the log to show what bit of code wrote the log - useful if you insert lots of log entries.

(ETA I’d have copied/pasted the actual code line for the first one, but since the recent forum software update I find it almost impossible to copy/paste from previous posts. So I’m not just being awkward, except perhaps in not wanting to change browser where it undoubtedly works better).


I’m guessing -i marks the next parameter as being an input file, I haven’t used ffmpeg. It’ll all be stuff to control how the video is processed. codecs are something about coder/decoder, aren’t they?


Thanks for all of your help


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