Adding a watermark to a PDF document

I’m looking to add a watermark to a multi-page PDF document that I am uploading. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

You may want to look into FPDF and [url=]FPDI

If you search the PHP forum here for FPDF and FPDI you will find examples that I’ve posted in the past (they aren’t specifically about watermarks, but rather interacting with PDFs). You should be able to just overlay wording/images to the uploaded PDF using FPDI to import the uploaded PDF as a template, and then placing your additional wording/image on top.

You can watermark images using Imagemagick and I know you can watermark each frame of a gif but I am not sure if you can do a multipage pdf.

If you are happy to use Imagemagick I would post your question on the forum

You may be able to use Ghostscript directly as that is the program Imagemagick uses to manipulate pdf files.

Many thanks for the pointers, guys. G :slight_smile: