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how i can add slider in my website is this any short way

Hi maintenanceskill, welcome to the forums!

The short way:

First step: Google “add slider in my website”
Next step: Try one you like.

Then post here so we can help you accomplish what you try. :slight_smile:

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I WANT TO add slider in my website is there any method you suggest

Yes - you can follow Erik’s suggestion.

There are many, many sliders out there, and without further information from you, we have no way of knowing which would best suit your purposes.

I believe Slick Carousel is very popular, although I haven’t used it myself. If you don’t want to use JQuery, then search for “vanilla JavaScript slider” or “pure CSS slider”, whichever fits your requirements.

For a WordPress site there are a great many to choose from

Try several of them in your local test environment and you should be able to find one you like that requires little or no tweaking.

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As I am currently working with the same problem. I feel that I can answer this although I’m far from an expert . As it has been pointed out before slick slider is good. I would suggest going here and search Slick Slider - Example #1 exactly

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