Adding A Menu In Joomla


I bought a domain name and hosting from GoDaddy yesterday but I’m having a bit of bother setting up my content site in Joomla…

Everything seemed fine after I installed Joomla, I was able to type in the URL in my browser and it brought up the homepage. I then installed a different 1.6 template, which went okay, except all of the template isn’t there, just the header, background and a few other bits n pieces. Here is what it looks like:
This is what the template should like: Home

Can someone tell me why mine is being displayed differently and what I need to do to create a catagory list as a menu down the side?


No even one reply :(, I thought this was easy stuff for you guys…

I played around with it for a while today and I think I’m starting to get it. It’s a learning curve, but I’m enjoying it…

First I created a category, then a sub-category, then the article. But this is where I get a tad confused. Do I create a Menu and assign it to a possition on the template, then add a menu item, or the other way around? Could someone go over that last bit for me please, it would really help!

FYI I’m aiming to have a list of categories down the side, there’s a position (left) on the template for it.



Hi J,

I gather you are using 1.6 (maybe 1.7 now), so I will tailor my answers accordingly…

When you have a clean 1.6 or higher install, there are a couple of modules assigned to module positions for the default template (mainmenu on position-7, etc.). Now you install a new template on Joomla!. That template will have its own custom module positions. position-7 will most likely not exist on that template, so these modules will not be shown until you assign them manually to the module positions that exist within your newly installed template. It may be that mainmenu should be shown in position header-a, but YOU will have to do the assigning part.

Hope that makes sense :wink:

Next issue: in 1.6 and higher, you only have categories, no more sections and categories. There is no need to create subcategories within categories unless you really need to.

You can create a menu, put nothing in it and already assign it to a module position on your template. It will not show much, but yes, you can… Normally what you do is:

  • create a menu
  • add the menu items you already want
  • assign the menu to a module position
  • publish the module

In your case, create your categories, then create menu items to the category blog or list layout for these categories.

If you need more clarification, please let me know!

Robin R