Adding a link to bottom of my page

Here is the site:

I’m wondering where in the html/css I should put something that I want to appear at the very bottom of the page (once you’ve scrolled all the way down).

Usually, I would just put it in the footer somewhere, but this is kind of a weird theme so I’m not sure what to do. Something along the lines of creating a new div and position it at the bottom of the page or something and then put the link within that?

I’m not going to post the code here because I have no clue where to start even.



Try opening “footer.php” from your Wordpress theme and add an anchor tag there to see what happens.

<a href=“http://www.yourlinkhere” title=“your title here”>Link name</a>

If you want your footer always at the bottom of the page, I suggest following this tutorial here: