Adding a "hint" button to puzzle

Cursor movement - #33 by PaulOB

like the 5 boxes in post 33 that spell “stars” how would you make a “hint” button to push to reveal a letter as needed if you get stuck?

This is not meant as an answer but maybe as a helper with the CSS for the JS experts to do properly.:slight_smile:

Obviously the hints should be obfuscated in some way.


I mean, it’s not exactly what i’d call a hint so much as giving the answer, but yeah, what Paul’s put up is a perfectly valid solution.
You might be able to do a little finagling of stripping out some of the querySelectors by using previousSibling rather than a full on search, but the foundation’s solid.

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Wow!!! Awesome!!

Why does it say 502 bad gateway when I click on the pen in Post 2?

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