Adding a Form- can't figure it out

Hi SitePoint people,

I am having a problem adding forms on my HTML even its a little bit easy to insert. My problem would be, my HTML design will be messed up so much when I insert the the form and the “submit” HTML script… the whole appearance will get crazy. I just click on the location where I want my forms to be placed and do INSERT > FORM > TEXTFIELDS, I repeat this upto 3 textfield, and when I insert the submit script, the whole design will be crazy.

I also tried TABLES, but adding something on the forth row will make my design crazy. awful of me.

I am hoping for someone to help me adding a fixed fields wherein I can add 3-4 forms and a submit/clear button. As you can see, after the selected location image, it has another image which I think block my forms.

Also following this .."action=" is not that appealing, visitors will be feel boredom waiting to load MS-outlook, I saw many sites who has easy to submit info but I dont have any idea to make one, any one wants to aid me?.

any gurus here to help