Adding a FAQ & image upload feature to ecommerce catalog


I have a ecommerce catalog for which I generate the pages through Codeigniter and that is working very well. I wanted to add a feature where customers could ask questions from the page or upload photos of them using the items on that page.

Kind of like this:

Am I best off integrating it in Codeigniter, or is there another system which I could integrate with an API onto my current pages? Like an existing CMS or another web service out there that I am overlooking.

I also use Wordpress for my blog and wondering if it would be helpful to push the FAQ’s and image upload into Wordpress and call it into my ecommerce catalog from there.

It would be easy to create the forms in codeigniter to receive the user content, but more concerned about building out the backend administration screens. Thanks.

As a followup, I found QVC using Bazaar Voice for their feature.

Here’s an example of how they handle their Q&A.

I think Bazaar Voice is extremely expensive, so it seems best to create a barebones version in Codeigniter with only giving staff the ability to answer for now.