Adding a border to the site


Here is my site:

What is the best way to add a THICK grey border around the entire site? The other option is thick dark border on both sides (left and right) while keeping the center white.

I’m open to all types of suggestions. Just trying to modify a theme.

Thanks alot.

What does “entire site” mean? If you mean the page-wrap, you could do something like this (in red):

#page-wrap { 
text-align: left; 
width: 920px; 
margin: 0 auto; 
position: relative; 
[COLOR="Red"]border: solid gray 10px;[/COLOR]

If you men around the viewport / screen, then something like this:

body { 
background-color: #F4F3EE; 
[COLOR="Red"]border: solid gray 10px;[/COLOR]

Perfect, I meant the viewport.

Thanks a ton.