Added layer of Security to ensure Identity

Hi , I have a project in which i would like to add a layer of security …such that when people sign up… there is a way to ensure that they’re giving their true identities…I would like to know how this can be done.

Blunt answer - no.

Slightly longer answer - charge a nominal one time fee using a payment gateway - that at least forces them to provide a valid credit card number, card name and billing address. That will of course drastically reduce the number of people willing to sign up.

isn’t there a way of verifying your identity through ’ integrity Instant Global ID and Age Verification ’

Never heard of it, but I’m dead certain it’s a scam. Identity cannot be conclusively secured on the Internet - it was never designed for that. Nor would I want that to be possible - it’s too easily abused.

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As mentioned, the only way you can archive this is if you are a government department, bank department etc. Anyone that has access to the SSN registry in the country where the site will originate.

Assuming you have access to this, you need to have your customers/users enter their information including their SSN. You will then send them the access key to enable the account as a normal letter to their address according to the SSN registry. In addition these are normally registered/signed for, making certain that no-one can just pick it up from the mailbox.

What’s that? Presumably something specific to a small number of countries.

Many countries don’t have anything for specifically identifying people that is used anywhere except with government departments.

Most countries has a unique identification number per inhabitant (I am aware that Australia is an exception :wink:

This identification number has multiple names, Social Security Number, National Identification Number, National Identity Number, National Insurance Number to mention a few. I used SSN as its what it is called in US, so makes sense to a large amount of the readers of this forum.

Yeah but 99.9% of users won’t give out that information (SSN) to any website unless it was absolutely crucial. The OP won’t be able to make that work.

I couldn’t even if I wanted to as I don’t have one. Neither do most of the people that I know.

That is correct, unless the website is created for an organization/department that has access to the SSN information for said country, you cannot verify the information.

This is why, this information is normally only used on government websites that require you to create an account. Since I mentioned US earlier, I know at least require this (Social Security Administration). For my country, Norway, I can mention several websites which use the approach I mentioned above.

Note. You can verify the actual SSN as they all follow an algorithm, but you cannot verify with a certainty that it is a number that has been issued to a person, are still active (i.e. the person is alive), or if it belong to the actual user entering it on the website.

Plus as mentioned, you would never enter your SSN to join a forum. So unless you are an organization that the user trusts, they would never enter consider entering the SSN anyway.

In this discussion, Australia is actually in a pretty unique situation. If you look up on countries that are not considered “third world” countries, the majority has implemented a unique identification system for their inhabitants.

Note that you cannot legally collect SSN’s most of the time, and when you can it’s regulated. So be safe and don’t open that can of worms.

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