Add Products manually or display options


I am new to wordpress. Basically what I want to create on my website is a page where customers can choose their product with options. Much like Apple with their computers (if not exactly the same). What I’m saying is that I am interested in letting the customer choose with “radio” type selections, what options they want exactly on their computer.
I first tried to look for direct options with plugins, but none of them displayed it like I wanted. If you do know of one that would permit the display and dynamic price variation that we see in apple’s website (example –> Apple Store example) I would much appreciate it.

What I didi as I didn’t find this option, was to create myself the visuals of the selective options, so that is not a problem, but what I would be struggling with now is sending the info to a php page that would update the cart. Hopefully while the customer is still on the page.
So yes, if there are no pluggin options, how could I manually change the content of the cart ?

Thank you very much for your help. I have spent more than a week on this and can’t find the answer.



Welcome to the forums.

Are you using an e-commerce solution for Wordpress? Something like Woocommerce, Shopp, WP E-Commerce, Cart66 or Jigoshop? If you are then some of these questions will take on a slightly different answer for each. They all will allow for variations in products but they handle things slightly differently from a straight customised Wordpress install. They all have good support and tutorials for helping to set up your store, they will also help to massively kickstart your ecommerce venture as they have already thought through and implemented a whole lot of solutions to common problems.

If you are using something already then let us know so we can be of more help.