Add pagination to a PHP project

hi frds
i am brijesh kumar. i am face a problem in your php project that how to add pagination easly in your core php project.

First place would be [google]pagination in PHP[/google] then peruse some of the tutorials that turn up. Find one that suits you level of knowledge.

Essentially, if your results are coming from a Mysql database then PHP will make full use of Mysqls’ LIMIT clause e.g. " select name from users ORDER BY name LIMIT 20, 10 " which is like saying starting at row 20 of these results, get me the next 10 only.

Also, take a look at ZF Paginator, its so easy to use once you have it set up.

Haha, I love seach engines!

A while back I read an article about paging result sets right here on SP… I didn’t realize it was 10 years ago though :eek:

Here’s the artice: