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Hi guys,

Quick question about adding a ‘add more’ button to my page. As I’m really new to html, I’m using this template to make my portfolio website: http://html5up.net/overflow

As you can see, it has a ‘lightbox’ which can feature your photos. I would like to post more than 8 photos, but I dont want to show all of them right away when the site loads, it’ll be too slow. What I’d like to do is add a ‘load more’ button in the same style as the ‘proceed as anticipated’ and ‘act on this message’ buttons as seen on the site. The button would then call for 2 more rows of 4 pictures. That would be the ideal solution. As I could redo this trick every time I’d want to add more photos. The problem is, I really have no idea how to make it work and hope someone can help me out. If it makes it easier, even a simple clickable text like ‘load more’ would be fine, instead of the button.

This is the code which lets me add photos:`

<!-- Portfolio -->
			<article class="container box style2">
					<h2>Magnis parturient</h2>
					<p>Justo phasellus et aenean dignissim<br />
					placerat cubilia purus lectus.</p>
				<div class="inner gallery">
					<div class="row 0%">
						<div class="3u 12u(mobile)"><a href="images/foto/01.jpg" class="image fit"><img src="images/foto/01.jpg" alt="" title="Candy" /></a></div>
						<div class="3u 12u(mobile)"><a href="images/foto/02.jpg" class="image fit"><img src="images/foto/02.jpg" alt="" title="Candy" /></a></div>
                        <div class="3u 12u(mobile)"><a href="images/foto/03.jpg" class="image fit"><img src="images/foto/03.jpg" alt="" title="Candy" /></a></div>
						<div class="3u 12u(mobile)"><a href="images/foto/04.jpg" class="image fit"><img src="images/foto/04.jpg" alt="" title="Candy" /></a></div>


You can also download the template (top right corner) if you want to see the rest of the code.
I really hope someone can help me out with this, because the rest of the site is going good to be honest, even If I’m quite new to this. :smile: But I want to finish it and add more photos, text and video’s.

Thanks in advance.

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Problem solved. A friend got me in touch with a guy who is really good at this, so he helped me out. A admin can close this thread if necessary. Thanks.

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