Add lazy load to json data output

Hi all - i’ve put together a simple JSON/AJAX live search. I’d like to further develop the idea to allow more data to be added without crashing the browser!

One thought is to add a lazyload solution like - but I’m not sure how I would fit this into the current code base.

If anyone has any idea/pointers I’d be grateful for any help.

Sorry, but I’m not following. What is the problem? You’re crashing when you send too much data to the client?

How much data are you sending? You should be able to handle several megabyte payloads fairly easily before you’re even starting to get near crashing a browser.

What does your js look like?

If that’s your problem, I’m not sure what a frontend JS library is going to do to help. You should probably be paginating the data better on the backend.

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