Add inline messages to people that have an adblocker enabled


I want to add inline message on my site for people that use an add blocker. All the wordpress plugins seem to do is a popup and I want to avoid this. Is there a lightweight way to do this?


Adblock doesn’t block popups. It only blocks advertisements. If the user has Adblock turned on, they will still be able to view he popped up window. I generally dislike the idea of popups and ads. So I have Adblock Plus and strict popup blocker turned on for Firefox.

I agree, I want to avoid popups all together. What I want is an inline message on the page for the users - similar to how do so the site is still perfectly usable but there is a message for people who have blocked adverts.

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What is the plugin name?

Basically I would like something like this, but it doesn’t seem to work with responsive adverts

Responsiveness should be done with CSS.

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