Add html horizontal menu to a php header file

Hi, I have created a html horizontal drop down menu for my website, but need to incorporate it into my header.php file. Does any one know how to do this?

Thanks in advance

yes, add the relative path from the folder the script is located in to the folder the to be included file is located in.

So basically i would just have to add a code like this

include ‘test.htm’;

for example i have one file test.htm that has all the code to display my menu
and will add test.htm and images to the relevent path in my directory then add the above code to the header.php file. will i need to add the path the file is located in

include ‘catalog/temp/menu/test.htm’;

thank for the help

If you want to include another file, then you can use include :slight_smile:

Just add it (outside the php opening and closing tags) where you want it to appear.
Or do you need it to be created dynamically?

I know what i need to do but dont know how to go about it, would i use php to call the drop down file if so what code would i use. Sorry if this sounds dumb, im a bit of a novice at php.