Add graphic above and below menu

I want to add this graphic just above ID#Nav and just below the (link) Sub-menus, except it is beyond the scope of my current knowledge. I don’t know whether to add a class within the ID or vise versa ?

If you want that image on the top of your menu then you would need to apply it to #nav.

#nav {
    height: 15px;
    width: 250px;
    color: #0000FF;
[B]background:url( no-repeat 0 0;

Of course your nav isn’t wide enough for that image anyway so you would need to set an appropriate width.

However, this is unlikely to be of much use to you because the backgrounds and borders on the nested list element will rub that image out and you’ll only see the end of it. You’d need to remove the background from the nested elements or at least adjust them to match your graphic.

It’s not really possible to add a graphical element like that in isolation as the menu would need to be built with this in mind from the start. You’ll need to post an image of the design that needs to be achieved before we can point you in the right direction.

That image seems very similar to a menu we did some time and I believe I gave you a working example.

That image seems very similar to a menu we did some time and I believe I gave you a working example.

It is, identical to the working example a little while ago. I know the graphic is not wide enough, that can be fixed but I have two graphics of similarity that I want one just above the ID#Nav that doesn’t move and then another one that adjusts and sits just below the Submen when expanded and just below the #NavID when collapsed, I hope I was clear ? :slight_smile:

Then I suggest you use the other one as a base because it will follow the same pattern. Or at least supply the other one as a guide here so that others can see the type of effect you want and to refresh my mind as to the dynamics of it.

It’s easy to add the image that you want (as I have shown you above) but it means that everything else has to be changed to match. Seeing as you already have a working example then I don’t see that you are going to get anywhere quicker by starting as if from afresh.

Paul here is an image of the navigational panel, as you see there is a horizontal graphic above and a horizontal graphic below. The horizontal graphic below adjusts along with the sub-menu and collapses with the sub-menu but always maintains being visible.

Ok I remember it now but have you got the demo I gave you also ? I’m sure you had a working example somewhere. We don’t want to re-invent the wheel when there is already one about.

I’m going to dig it up and follow up, soon :slight_smile:

I do remember starting a subject on it, but I can’t find it

Damn, I’ve been looking and looking for that thread I started that you posted on I can’t find it, arrrghh.

Paul, do you see the image in post #5 that is the navigation. I can’t find the post you had a more complete description but the bottom graphic you see in post #5 would adjust when the navigation drops, I hope that can recall your memory :slight_smile: Adding a background graphic wasn’t the solution, that I remember from previously :slight_smile:

A small bump, I was hoping someone could help me solve ?