Add Custom String on Wordpress URL

Hi, I need help in how to add a custom string on the wordpress site url. For example:

How can I achieve that? Thank you. :smile:

Whatโ€™s your aim here? You can add that string to links pointing to that page. But if you want anything to be triggered by such a link being clicked, you need some extra PHP scripting to make something happen.

Just use any custom query plugin for Wordpress. You can find lots of similar plugin for it, test it and see which one suits you best.

I have a promotion page and it has a unique calling number unlike the rest of the pages they have a similar phone number, example promotion number is 123 and all other pages is 321. What I want is when visitor went on that page it will add /?=tv and when the visitor click on the other page the site will check if the url has =tv then when true the phone number 321 will change to 123

I dont think a plugin is needed here since there will be a condition like if promotion page then do this.

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