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Hi I’ve created a site and it works great and works great responsively. However I haven’t got a CMS system integrated into my site and I would like to update my content every month. Is there anyway I could integrate a CMS admin page where I can CRUD my content. For example if I wanted to use wordpress I would have to create the site again and use their theme, Right? I just want to somehow add the back-end part so I can update my content easily but keep the front end style the same.

Any help would be much appreciated

Adding any CMS to a “static” will take some work but with something like you can add the CMS to the site rather than fully rebuilding it.

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Could I ask what kind of work. I’m at intermediate level in SQL and basic level in PHP

Another choice is developed by @megazoid

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Are there any free alternatives out there? What are people’s oppinion on CouchCMS for example?

can i add this cms to an existing site?

Indeed it can. Take a look at the website.

are there any tutorials to learn how to use it?

Check out the video on the homepage.

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