Add a Print Driver with No Printer?!

Just put a new HDD in my MacBook.

I want to PDF an Open Office Write document (~ MS Word), but it says I have no printer. (I don’t own a printer… Duh!!!)

So how do I trick Snow Leopard into letting me PDF stuff if I can’t define a printer?! :-/


Have you tried File > Print > Save as PDF?

Yes, and like I said, Open Office Writer won’t let me PDF unless I have a driver defined first.

I can do it from FireFox with no printer/driver, but not from OO.


After a bit of searching, I found this, which says

After hours of tinkering around trying to save/export an OpenOffice file to a PDF format, I found a simple yet crude solution. Go to the Abobe Reader included with the free Adobe software, and open it. On the right-hand side, it will give you the option to save as a PDF. Insert the name/location of the file (copy and paste it into the spot offered), and voila, it is converted and saved!!

and this, which suggests going to File > Export in OpenOffice.

Do either of those help?

I tried your second point again tonight in OO Writer and OO Calc and now things seem to work?!

But last night both said I needed a printer driver?! :-/


Try something like PDFCreator, it acts like a printer as far as any software on windows is concerned, there may be others out there but that’s the only one that I’ve ever used and to date it has worked fine for me.

+1 to PdfCreator. It is frequently updated and works like a charm on windows.




PDFCreator on windows, ‘It just works’ :lol: