Add a pointer cursor to labels on check boxes only

Hi there,

Is it possible to add a pointer cursor to labels of check boxes only?

I’ve tried:

label, input[type="checkbox"] {
    cursor: pointer;

but it seems to apply it to all labels.

Any ideas?

The easiest way would be to apply a class to the label element

<label for="blah" class="label-checkbox"><input type="checkbox" id="blah" name="something" value="Yes"> Yes</label>

.label-checkbox { cursor: pointer; }

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That would be this part:-

Maybe apply a sibling selector.

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since MOST checkboxes come BEFORE the label you could use the adjacent selector

input[type="checkbox"], input[type="checkbox"] + label {
    cursor: pointer;

<input type="checkbox" id="check1" name="check1"><label for="check1">I'm check1</label>

hope that helps

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