Add a form/contact form to wp

I was looking for info on how to add that to a wp theme.
was doing a search on youtube and almost every vid mentions getting a plug in.
suprised there is nothing native to wp. Like the search form.
Any other way to add a form?

in fact there is a lot of steps by steps tutorials to create a stand-alone contact form on wordpress! you can check this quick ones :

Hope this will help !

That is great!
Thank you deadmix, will go check them out.

There are many contact form to add in your WordPress website. Contact form 7, secure contact form, easy contact form are just to name a few. If you are not able to configure them, then try to check the author website or leave a reply about your difficulty and what you are unable to find. All these forms will provide short-code to place in pages/posts. If you are looking for any other type of contact for, then explain in detail so that we can help.