Add 30 hours into date time which is a variable and ignore weekend

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User is selecting “Received DateTime” and 30 hours need to add into selected date time “Received DateTime”

But I have to make sure that 30 hours should not add directly it should add according to business hours (8am to 8pm daily) and weekend is on “Friday” and “Saturday”

Please help on above it will be highly appreciable


So your logic is:
A day is 12 hours long.
For a given date-time, Add 30 business hours. (Add 2 days and 6 hours). The following steps apply:
Establish Valid Start Time:
If Hour < 8 AM, set hour = 8 AM.
If Hour > 8 PM, add a day and set hour to 8 AM.
If Day = 5: Add 2 days, set hour to 8 AM.
If Day = 6: Add 1 day, set hour to 8 AM.
Skip any weekends:
If Day = 3,4; add an additional 2 days (to skip the weekend).
If Day = 2 and Hour >= 2PM, add an additional 2 days to skip the weekend.
Add 2 days and 6 hours.
Then check for wraparound:
If Hour >= 8 PM, add a day and set hour = 8 AM + (Hour - 8 PM) Hours.

Thanks StarLion

I am a beginner Please provide the code also if possible for you


Try it yourself, and we’ll help you to adjust it.

I suggest looking at the various functions available to the [FPHP]DateTime[/FPHP] class.

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