Adblockers killing websites

I know a lot of disabled people who need to disabled ads, because of how the ads do things like hijack their AT, screw with their navigation, and other things.

I don’t block ads myself actually, but somehow today this seems to mean “please track me, steal all my personal info and sell it in a big bucket with others, because I don’t care” which isn’t true, which makes me lean more and more towards using an adblocker.

If ads are to remain, they MUST become

  1. ethical
  2. accessible (or at least not block users from even using the page, which many do)
  3. secure. Currently lots of 3rd-party ad-injection schemes are big holes in a website. This is not cool, and Yet Another Reason for people to rightfully use adblocker even though they are benefitting from a website who uses those ads as revenue (and that’s kinda stealing in my view).