Adaptive image problem and other techiniques


I’m running adaptive images on the site (wordpress as the cms)

The script is working in terms of creating images in the ai-chache folder, but it looks to me like the orginal is still being served. i.e when viewing the site, if I right-click and image and view it in the browser, I’m seeing the original rather than the one in the ai-cache folder.

The thing is, this is also the behaviour I’m seeing on the example site.

Can anyone offer any advice on this?


Have you checked if it really does that? I mean, it may be that when you click on the image to see it in a new window, it may serve you the original, bigger and with more resolution, but that the image served in the blog itself is the new, resized image created by the script.

Look at the properties of the image by right-clicking when your mouse is over it and check the names of the files.

That’s probably a bad example.

I can see that it’s showing the original just by inspecting the code.

Additionally pagespeed insights (mobile) complains that images are being resized in the browser.

So obviously is not working as it should.

I assume that you did follow their instructions when installing it, including the changes in the .htaccess file (that is, if you use apache)

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