Ad swaps - recomendations?

Looking for newsletter placements in exchange for ads on my sites.

Where is the best place to find quality ad swaps?

If someone says they have 35,000 subscribers, how do you know it is so?

If they route clickthroughs before sending them on, they’re adding to their own list at the same time, right?

I saw where they do “solo” swaps. But wasn’t sure if that was all they were geared toward or not.

As I said, Safe-Swaps only do solo ads. But if you have other types of ad swaps to propose with other people, you can post them in places like:

They charge $24.95 per month and I have made $1,000s of dollars extra using them. So they are well worth it.

They do solo ad swaps, not newsletter ad swaps.

They do solo ad swaps, not newsletter ad swaps.
How about a three way swap?

a) I place the other party’s ad on my site

b) The other party returns by placing an ad that directs to another site of mine

Ad swaps allowed me to build my business from zero to 6 figures in about 1.5 years. So I highly recommend them.

I do use the Safe-Swaps system mentioned now, but in the beginning I did it manually as Safe-Swaps did not exist. Safe-Swaps is a tool I highly recommend as it helps me tell if someone really has a list of 35,000 or if they are just a “poser”.

It is important to choose products/partners to promote that fit your audience, but ad swapping lets you leverage your list by over 1,000 times if you do it right.

I see the free trial but what/how do they charge?

And is swapping site ads for newsletter ads a common practice there?

I would suggest to say NO to adswaps, all you do here is weaken your list and gradually it produces no result to you. Its better to switch over to paid solo emails than ad swaps…

thank you.

I think they are beautiful in concept, for trading off unsold space.

I have yet to be convinced they work in practice, though.

Starting to look into ad swap networks, perhaps someone to enforce integrity. But then, will all links be directed through a common network ?
(ex: Safe-Swapsdotcom)