Ad Server Solutions

Hi guys,

Just wondering if you guys have some good recommendations for ad serving solutions. Right now we’re using OpenX and finding a lot of bugs in it (hosted on enterprise). Doubleclick is too expensive but something in between.

I’ve heard good things about ad juggler but any other big ones I should be considering?


This is a nice list (including the comments section):

What bugs have you noticed in OpenX? I have found it a very stable platform over the years.

But if you are after a change AdJuggler, [URL=“”]AdvertSERVE, [URL=“”]BlueStreak, and [URL=“”]Google Ad Manager are all worth looking into.

Most the major ad networks also let you use their serving solution, so they could be worth looking into - MOJO Publisher (from Valueclick Media), [URL=“”]adConductor (from Burst Media), and [URL=“”]Optimax (from Casale Media)

You can check for Zedo, Myadmarket, Adspeed.

I use Google Ad Manager and like it a lot.

Have you considered the inClick Ad Server? It’s a stable, scalable, extensible platform.

If you have a requirements document, I can tell you what is available “out-of-the-box”, what can be extended “easily”, or is in the road map.


Do you use the Google Ad Manager, it’s pretty good.

Does Ad Manager need to be invited by Google?

Google ad manager is very difficult to use. I don’t think it works with CJ html codes and can’t find any videos on youtube to help

I agreed with you MrSandMan, Google Ad Manager is very confusing to implement. I’ve been trying to work it out with video tutorials but it didn’t help much.

Btw, I just wonder how well it performed compared to OpenX or any other Ad Server solutions. Can anyone tell mel?