Ad revenue is a constant, traffic more than quadrupled...?

Hello all,

I have a site which is trending in a way I simply cannot understand. It is a 100% original content site that covers game programming and related technologies. It is fairly young, and initially I was getting 50 - 100 visits a day and was making 3 or 4 $ a month.

For example in June, I had 1,700 page views and earned 3.34$. Just launched the site and was content with that.

I had a general trend upward in traffic, but revenue didn’t match in the slightest… For example

June 1,700 3.34$
July 2,350 3.52$
Aug 9,000 7.50$
Sep 11,000 3.24$
Oct 12,000 8.30$
Nov 16,000 6.00$ ( projected of numbers to date this month ).

So, to take an example, October’s traffic was a 7 fold increase over my first two months, but revenue only slightly over doubled?

Can you see why I am perplexed? Until this month I never changed anything with the ad units, so I would expect that revenue would have grown about equally to traffic, but obviously that isn’t happening? 80% of my user base is from North America and frankly about 80% of the revenue comes from a handful of high priced clicks. Last month it seemed like my site went close to 100% CPM, where I was making 3 or 4 cents a day, then getting a ton of 0 cent clicks.

Meanwhile my affiliate clicks ( Amazon sales ) have grown more or less proportionately to the increase in visitors, so I simply can’t figure out for the life of me what the hell to do?

I know I can tweak ad placement to earn more, but what I don’t understand is, why is the same placement paying less?

EDIT: A two for one question… My posts tend to be quite long, so it dynamic inserts ads now ( unrelated to the above ), which can cause my ad count to reach 3+, causing the footer ad to no longer render because of the 3 ad per page limit. I am ok with this, as this is the behavior I want, the question is, does it piss google off?

Another thing that Boggles my mind is the reporting makes absolutely no sense. Consider:

These are today’s current numbers as of about 2 hours ago.

Adsense is reporting a total of 183 page impressions today.

Then under channels I have 3 channels with 1 ad in each channel. All three ads could appear on the page at once. The Top one ending with Homepage is a 300x250 ad that is served in my master page on every page, as is the Footer one below it. Basically, these ads should be each shown exactly onces per page impression regardless to which page it is.

First off, they should be the same value.
Second, Page impressions should be 321, not 183.
Third, “Mainpost” is shown dynamically within certain pages and according to Analytics, those pages have been shown about 180 times today, so plus or minus ad block peoples. Simply put it should be a hell of a lot higher than 20!
Finally, the post footer ad I disabled two days ago, so it should be 0! The code to access that ad has been literally erased from the site!

Conincidentally Analytics is showing 174 visits and 490 page views so far for the day. I know Analytics is a few hours out of date but should be in the same ballpark. So where the hell is 183 coming from?!?!?!

When I am getting a CTR rate of $0.14 on 5,200 visits so far this month and the adsense reports are underreporting by page impressions by 50%, I start to loose a bit of faith in Google. Especially when they seem insistent on feeding me crap CPM ads, I would at least like them to get the impression count right!

Am I missing something here, or do I have something configured wrongly, or is it just amateur hour at Google???

it’s all up to google now.nothing you can do. just do the best you can do on your web site and pray the earning will go up.

it’s roller coaster with google. one day you can earn $300 and next day you earn $100 or less lol

if new visitors do not click on your ads, you will not extra money

Quick update, I basically gave up on Google and their BS 0.1% ctrs. Initially it seemed like all their competition were pretty awful. I tried clicksor and literally within 5 minutes of testing got the bright red malicious site warning ( in Chrome… No conflict of interest there eh? ). Regardless, not a good first impression with clicksor.

So I tried Adbrite and I have to say, way way way better CPM than Google, around the 1-1.50$ cpm mark and a click or two too boot. Problem is, they could only serve about 20% of traffic, the rest fell back to adsense. To verify something is balls at adsense, I actually still made more with Adbrite than adsense, even with only 1 in 5 ads being served!

Simply put it was starting to feel like google was the only game in town and googles policies seem openly hostile to blogs with loyal readerships, I was pretty much losing hope. What a difference a week makes!

I ended up discovering an ad network that targets my niche specifically and I couldn’t be happier! I have an honest to goodness representative, only went live last Friday and have already seen better ad targeting, CPM about 20x higher, clicks trending as increasing about 10 fold. Then to add a cherry on top, I got a direct request (unrelated) to place an ad on the site.

Again, what a difference a week makes! Nice to see there can be life without google and frankly I hope they choke on their hubris!

Now just have to figure out wtf is going on with Amazon. 7 sales Nov 1, then 2 disappeared, then nothing until yesterday, then 2 yesterday and 9 today! Something must be up with their systems… That said, with all other pieces in place now, I don’t really care! :slight_smile:

Just figured id share my update. Sometimes when it feels like you are being screwed, its cause you are!

CPC is always a little hit and miss - ad placement, the style of ads, and how they are worked into your page can have a massive impact on CTR.

I’m pleased for you that AdBrite is working well though - I always hear mixed reports of them, so good to hear such positive noises.