Ad Revenue for Major Fitness Website...PLEASE HELP!

We are becoming one of the fastest growing health and fitness websites in the world just behind Muscle and Fitness. We currently get between 6,000 and 7,000 unique visitors per day with a growth rate of about 20 to 25% each month since our inception in both page views and unique visitors.

We are interested in forming a relationship with a company who is willing to work for us on a percentage basis on all ad revenue collected. We have over 3,000 pages of content that are available for distribution for ads as well as dozens of articles created every day that we can custom tailor to any product. We are not interested in affiliate programs but are looking to pay someone based on ad revenue generated (i.e.- promoting p90X in an article for $400 and paying an ad network $200 for generating that lead).

Do these ad networks exist and how can I go about doing this? Any help would be much appreciated.

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You could tell more about your GEO breakdown. It would be easier to help you out.
Different ways to go from there.

Have you tried google adsense btw?

It sounds like you want to supply ad networks with lead-gen offers promoting your site’s products/content - the network’s publisher base promoting the offers on their web properties on a CPA basis (i.e. email submits). Am I understanding that right?

If so, there are plenty of networks that would be willing to discuss the approach depending on the type of relevant traffic their publishers can drive.

If not so, we’ll tackle the next explanation :slight_smile:

In contrast to LeadBoltBrian I got the feeling you are a publisher (not an advertiser) and are looking for a person to act as the broker between you and CPA networks, taking on the risk in return for a percentage?

One of us has to be right as to what you’re after…?