Actual news about SEO. Where do you read?

Where do you get the most current and accurate information about SEO? what news do you read?
Constantly viewing some the same news portals, or do not pay attention to it?

What else do you use? I have so far only read the blogs and talk on the forums …

Personally I read Search Engine Land and SEO Roundtable among many other blogs and sites. Those 2 sites stay on top of the latest news pretty well.

I usually head to popular forums that is specifically for SEO.

Also, I check SEOmoz blog for the same thing.

To name few SEO news sources:

Search Engine Roundtable
Search Engine Land
Google’s Inside Search blog

Best way to search for any actual news or information related to any topic,I recommend to use Google, the best source of information.

I follow SEngineLand over at Twitter. They post links to the latest news that they’ve gathered that’s related to SEO and the updates on the search algorithms. The link to their website have been shared above; just goes to show that it’s indeed a good resource.

I also look at Google Webmaster Central and [URL=“”]the SEOMoz blog for some tips.

I rely upon, and for SEO related news. Also I usually look at the Google News (Technology) section for related news. Still is the preferred one in my list.

I prefer Matt Cutt’s videos on the web and Google’s official website and articles. Furthermore, if I want to know about the expert views and their analysis I consult active and high PR forums and message boards. I will always get discussions on very recent topics on such sites.

I always rely on :

  1. Google Webmaster Central Blog
  2. Search Engine Land
  3. Google Inside Search
  4. SEOmoz

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Thank you

Well put… and I’d add to that search engine journal.

I read seo news from forums,blogs and from some websites like:

I usually just do a search for Google update and follow whatever that throws up.

I often visit SEO forums, SEOmoz and Search Engine Land

We seem to be repeating all the same suggestions here. Nice to see so much agreement. :slight_smile:

As there’s nothing new, I think it’s time to close the thread.

Many website are available in the market. I using and Google alerts for best seo updation.