ActiveX - Not working on IIS Server

Hi Chaps,
I have JavaScript code, that exports a HTML table to MS Excel.
This works fine on my development (local) server, however, it fails to work on my ‘live’ IIS server. Once I click on the Export link, I confirm the “Export to Microsoft Excel?” message, then nothing happens. I am not sure if MS Excel needs to be installed on the server or not?
If anyone has any ideas, I’d be most grateful:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">  
function ExportToExcel() {
	input_box=confirm("Export to Microsoft Excel?");
		if (input_box==true) {
			var xlApp = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application");
			// Silent-mode:
			xlApp.Visible = true;
			xlApp.DisplayAlerts = false;
			var xlBook = xlApp.Workbooks.Add();
			var XlSheet = xlBook.activeSheet;
			// Store the sheet header names in an array
			var rows = tblrepeat.getElementsByTagName("tr");
			var columns = tblrepeat.getElementsByTagName("th");
			var data = tblrepeat.getElementsByTagName("td");
  			// Set Excel Column Headers and formatting from array
				XlSheet.cells(2).value= "Projects - All";
	   			XlSheet.cells(3,i+1).value= columns[i].innerText; //XlSheetHeader[i];
				XlSheet.Range("A1:B1000").HorizontalAlignment = -4131;
			//run over the dynamic result table and pull out the values and insert into corresponding Excel cells
			var d = 0;
			for (r=4;r<rows.length+3;r++) { // start at row 2 as we've added in headers - so also add in another row!
				for (c=1;c<columns.length+1;c++) {
					XlSheet.cells(r,c).value = data[d].innerText;
					d = d + 1;
			//autofit the columns
			// Make visible:
			xlApp.visible = true;
			xlApp.DisplayAlerts = true;

You are using an ActiveX object, namely Excel. Security restraints in IE might be stopping its use. The difference is probably that you have shifted from a Intranet to an Internet security setting.

Use the Internet Options command on the Tools menu of IE. On the dialog presented you want the Security tab. Compare the settings for Internet and Intranet.

Spot on, thanks for the help. You were right, changing the ActiveX security settings solved the problem. Cheers

That takes care of you, but what about your users? How many people is this targeted toward? And how many are willing/able to make the same changes to their browsers to make this work?
Just something to consider.