Activex integration in Wordpress

Hi, I have a customer who runs an interactive educational GUI using Activex which is accessed via a static HTML website. This requires the user to download a windows .exe installer file. My cursory research into Activex gives me the impression it might be outdated and have security issues, aside from the fact that downloading an exe file from an insecure site is not cool.

This workflow also cuts Mac users out of the action. Does anyone know of an API that could replace this Activex model and allow integration into Wordpress?
Any help appreciated.

Yes, AFAIK, although it might still be an option for localhost / intranet, ActiveX is pretty much a thing of the past, at least in terms of online websites.

The only alternative I can think of is Java, which can also have problems.

As you posted, security is what must be addressed. I guess years ago it was felt that allowing external access to a users OS could be sandboxed so that it would be secure, and over the years it has been found to not be as easy as it was originally thought to be. Still, as long as a user is willing to “jump hoops” (eg. download an exe or runtime) and explicitly allows access I think at least some (albeit very limited) things are still possible.

Another possible approach might be to put together a browser extension. They are limited in what they can do (again, for security reasons) and they would require users to install it, but that might be something more would be willing to do.

What was the ActiveX doing?

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I’m not sure what Activex’s role was, but it sounds to me the whole set up is outdated. I’m really hoping for some sort of WordPress solution. Thanks for your insight.

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