Active page

Hey there,

So i am working with a site template. And the template has a class for the navigation to change the colour depending on the page (ie, change from blue to green).

However i am using this as the site template so having the active class is no good. I know i can do this with PHP. But i don’t know how i should apprroch it.

Thanks in advance!! i can figure out the if i just need some guidence on how to get the current page.

There are some good explanations of how to do it here:

Look at posts #8 and #10 in particular. :slight_smile:

try with some condition for getting css class!

Hey Ralph.m That’s execatley what i was looking for! And i never though of building menus in php before with arrays! This has got me thinking <light bulb moment!>

Yes, I found that post very enlightening, too, so I bookmarked it. Glad you find it useful. :slight_smile: