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Hey peepz,

For a long time I have always wanted to be able to play the guitar, I’m sur ei would be hopeless at it but i would like to give it a try. There are a few problems, I’m a complete newbie to this although I want a fairly decent guitar just so i know it’s me that is rubbish and can’t blame the guitar and I don’t have much money to spend.

So i got looking on Ebay UK since most auctions take the payment methrod I require (Solo, it’s a UK debit card) and I was wondering if anyone in the know could offer me advice.

I really liked this one, but it was pricey, is this a good deal? -

also there was this -


P.S if I do get one I would advise you to look into these item

I think Yamaha makes some beginner guitars. Fender makes some good ones. At least electrics. If you want an expensive one get a Taylor :D. $1000 and up.

Oh and I’ve never heard of Prince before. So I wouldn’t know if that guitar on Ebay is any good.

I don’t want an electric one

get a Fender acoustic or one called Jasmine… I am Fender fan so a little bias… In my opinion though, electrics are easier to learn on (the frets are closer, and the strings are not as high off the board).

Crafter make Tayloresque guitars for substantially cheaper - but you are still talking £150-£250

£150-£250 is still outta my price range, I’m just a complete newbie here lol

Go for a Jasmine… Inexpensive and good quality.

My lil bro might have an old acustic kicking around. If your interested, let me know and I’ll send him a text. And when I say kicking around, I don’t mean messed up or anything, just that he’s got a couple of guitars, so some he hasn’t used in a long time. What exactly if your price range?

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What exactly if your price range?

Anything low :lol:

I’d suggest buying used if you need something cheap. Many people start out acoustic and then go electric. This means you can find a cheap used acoustic.

For example, when my bro has to thin out his guitars in the future (way future, only has 3 now) he’ll probably sell his acoustic because he gets all sappy over his first electric (washburn, but it’s sentimental).

My brother keeps on begging me to buy a bass, but I keep on putting him off.

First off, go to a music store and TRY SOME GUITARS!! Look around on the internet for some chords (G, C, D) and bring them with you to the guitar store. Whichever guitar you think sonds the best is the one you should go with. Of course, one that’s in your price range.

Lauren - BASS IS FUN! :slight_smile:

You know what, coming from someone who just came out of that newbie stage and is starting to do some more serious playing, let your first guitar suck. Seriously. Don’t even buy one if you can help it, borrow it off a friend for a couple of months.

I’m serious. You don’t know if you’ll like it, you don’t know if you’ll pick it up, you don’t know if your fingers will ever be able to do the 5-fret-stretch.

Just play around, get some songs, have some fun. After a few months of that, you will eventually feel like it’s your guitar holding you back, and that’s when you get a new one. Similarly you’ll eventually feel like it’s your skill holding you back, and that’s when you get lessons.

Don’t just buy a guitar and don’t just take lessons cause you think you need it. Your guitar becomes part of you because you play it.

Also, after you’ve gone through all this, you’ll know what you want in a guitar. I found an amazing deal on a guitar that nobody else would really have looked at. It sounds amazing, it looks great, but most of all it’s the one that was perfectly suited for me and the more I play it the more I realise that. It’s all about gut feeling, and you can’t have that just by going in and finding one that “sounds nice” or looks cool.

Oh, and have fun :wink:

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Lauren - BASS IS FUN! :slight_smile:

Yes, but 17 credit hours and volunteering doesn’t leave much time for bass. Besides, I don’t have anyone to teach me at college and I only see my brother about once a month.

Heh. Bass is hard for the first few weeks, but then as Jeremy said with guitars - it becomes a part of you.

Basses are fun! :smiley:

My first acoustic guitar was a Fender. It was from a starter kit. It worked well for several years, actually. I agree that you should really go to a music store and play some guitars. Every guitar is different, even guitars of the same make and model. Conditions it’s been stored it, strings used, etc. makes each guitar unique.

They are a tad pricier that you prolly want to play, but keep this brand in mind ofr the future…remember your ABC’s…Always Buy Canadian. :smiley: I mean, check out Seagull guitars. They are some of the best sounding and playing guitars I have ever seen, outside of Taylor. In the States, they are hard to get and I imagine they may be in the UK too, but if you can find a Seagull try it out. you’ll love it! :slight_smile:


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[B]Basses are fun! :smiley:

My first acoustic guitar was a Fender. It was from a starter kit. [/B]

I noticed one on Ebay which was onver what I was going to pay but it included CD rom and video plus some other stuff, I looked the guitar itself up using Google and it was given quite a few poor ratings on this one site.

Yea I love basses too. Other guitars are hard for me to play. You have to get your fingers in just the right places, but with a bass it’s a LOT easier.

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I looked the guitar itself up using Google and it was given quite a few poor ratings on this one site.

Compared to a custom shop Les Paul, it will rate poorly. Compared to a Sears guitar, it’s wonderful! My brother plans on buying a Fender in the future (a nicer Fender, but he’s much farther along). That said, I still think that your best bet is used if it’s been properly cared for.

Tiy gyts gave a big guitar place in the UK that sells a lot. Try to find a good acoustin (not eletric acoustic) but just normal acoustic and for cheap. I have my acoustic that I got at Guitar Center a few years ago for less than a 100 bucks