Achieve this affect


I want to know how you would achieve the technique in the attached image. I’m thinking it was probably a graphics tab - which I don’t have.

I think that perhaps I could do it by using a stencil on paper. I’m thinking of getting a font with the text I want, printing it out and making a stencil in card from it. Then I could do the colouring and then scan it back in…increase contract etc to take away the scanned look.

What do you think. Could I achieve a similar result?

You could use a scripty font as a starting point. Something like:

Use them as a base, rasterise them and liberal use of with the brush or eraser to get the ‘coloured in’ effect.

you can also achieve this effect by using the eraser tool

A brush font?

If you have Illustrator, try using the Scribble effect (Effect > Stylize > Scribble…) on the text you want to alter. not exactly what you want, but maybe a good starting point?

I cant see the image, it must be hosted on Imageshack.

don’t know if by graphics tab you mean graphic app… BUT in the event you have a gimp or something (photoshop as well).

Type your font on the document. Select the transparent layer that you just typed on (cmd/cntrl + layer click in PS)

then in another blank layer, with the paintbrush picked and your favorite color, scribble with your mouse until you satisfied with the look. Voila.


Hope that was enough to get you started.