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I am new and have a question. A client, a non profit entity, wants to use GoDaddy and they want to have the domain assigned to them and be the account holder. Is it common for web designers and webmasters to have delegate access vs having the domain and account in their name? How comfortable are you with this? Is site security a big issue with another point of access by the account holder? Thanks.

The domain should certainly be registered in your client’s name. It is theirs, not yours, after all. Whether the account should be theirs is a different matter. If you are going to be responsible for ongoing maintenance then you might have reason to insist that only you have access to the hosting, but then what arrangements have you made for if you fall under the proverbial bus? The client doesn’t want to lose the site if you’re not around.


That’s my first thought. Some years ago, a web developer in my area died suddenly, and his clients discovered that “their” domains were registered to him, along with their hosting, and they had real problems establishing ownership. (I was involved with helping several of them.)

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In Germany (maybe also Europe?) it is also a legal risk. If your client’s domain gets hacked and turned into a spam relay, or starts performing other nefarious activities, you would potentially be liable to this.

I always insist that my clients register their domains in their names, then grant me the necessary access if I am to be maintaining the site.


Thank you for your replies. It does seem that having clients put the domain in their name is common practice. It also helps with liability if it is in their name plus a written agreement can be done about that.

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