Accordion Help

I would sure appreciate some help as to why I cannot edit this file to work.

I am missing (overlooking) something to edit this file ?

What I have done is:

basically I edited 4 labels in fieldset 1, to just 4 select menus and named them appropriately and it goes to step 2
in fieldset 2(which is step 2), I have just 3 separate questions, NOT 7 as in original. ** it stops at step 2 **
I also changed the names/choices and it will not work.
in fieldset 3, just name, phone, and e-mail

It is not live but the original form works offline and so I believe a modified version with good editing will too.

any input or guidance will help. Thanks

Step 3 comes up for me in Chrome. What browser are you testing this in?

Hi Ralph,
I am using IE9 and FF9. I did get it working somehow but unsure how to subtract a step down to 2 or add 2 or 3 more steps. There must be an editable number in the script that I am missing.