Accidentally knocked off live tester site - xfr post & pages

Hello all.
Over the weekend I accidentally knocked off my live tester site. Had to uninstall & re-install wp.
Is there a way for me to get all the posts & pages from my sandbox on my tester site so I don’t have to write them all in again?

wow…crickets and tumbleweeds.
everyone must be on a summer break.

Posts and pages are stored in the database. You couldn’t have deleted your Wordpress files and your database, could you? If you still have your database then you can configure your new file install of Wordpress to use it in the wp-config.php. And if you did not kill your database, you should not have gone through the Wordpress reinstallation process because you could have just extracted the Wordpress files and changed your wp-config.php to use your existing database and been up and running.

well. live and learn.
good thing it was a tester site.
will have to read up on this.
I did install two addy wp in two separate dir for addy testing.
Thank you Cheesedude!

One more thing: it is a good idea to make backups of your development work. I backup my live websites files and databases regularly and I backup any development work, writing, or ideas as well. I make local backups of my development work and also upload them to the live server so I have my work in multiple places. There is nothing worse than losing many hours of work.