Accessing teachers notes in the lectures

Can someone please advise me how to access the teachers notes on site points lectures?
Thanks Ian

Welcome to the forums, @ianwhittle.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what you’re looking for. By “lectures”, are you referring to one of the “Tech Talks”, or one of the video courses?

It’s one of the video courses

Which one?

Write Error proof and future proof CSS with postcss

By Thomas Greco

We don’t generally have notes on our courses, I’m afriad, Ian. If there are notes or other downladable materials available, they would appear as a download link under the video frame. It doesn’t look like this course has them.

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How can I contact the lecturer?
He says that his contact details are in the the teachers notes.

The course page says:

Have a question for Thomas ? You can reach him on Twitter.

(Not ideal, I’d have thought; not everyone has a Twitter account.)

There is a Twitter link on his profile page:

but following that, I get “This account does not exist”.


@ianwhittle: if you have a general question about something in the course material, you could post here in the HTML & CSS category and see if anyone here can help.

I can try tagging @thomasjosephgreco for you, but he’s not been active on the forums in a long time.

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He also has a LinkedIn account on his profile page:, so you might like to try contacting him there. It seems like his Medium and Twitter accounts have been closed.

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