Accessing Amazon API using PHP

// Your secret Api Key. Required for hashing and auth.
    var $secret_access_key = "my_secret_access_key"; 
    // Your public Api Key
    var $access_key = "my_access_key"; 
    // Your associate ID
    var $associate_tag = "my_associate_tag"; 
    // Serveradress of the webservice
    var $server = ""; 
    // Service Name
    var $service = ""; 
    // The type of Operation
    var $operation = ""; 
    // States which representation should be used.
    var $responseGroup = ""; 
    // Some Services need a version string, stored here.
    var $version = ""; 
    // Last query URL used
    var $queryUrl = ""; 
    // If true, the signature auth will be used.
    var $use_signatureAuth = false; 
    // If true, the associate Id will be used.
    var $use_associateTag = true;

does anybody know what the values should be between the""?
also how do I create forms in a wordpress plugin and then pass the user values like associate ID to above PHP script.
I would also like the ability to save products in a table for re-posting on wordpress.