Accessing a repository (TortoiseSVN) on another machine

Hi guys,

I’m using TortoiseSVN and i’m struggling with finding out how to access a repository on another machine.

The other machine is right next to my machine and i’m hoping to be able to create a central repository on the machine.

Any help would be appreciated.


Your best bet would be to setup a centralized server for both of you to access – VisualSVN server is both free and easy start if you are on windows.

You could theoretically access things over network shares, but I’ve found that is at best slow and oftentimes unreliable and perhaps destructive.

For years I had a linux svn repository server on one machine on my LAN. I didn’t have any problems using TortoiseSVN to connect from windows XP machines.

^^^but I take it that was running over svn:// text over TCP/IP protocol, not just a file share. Big, big difference there.

Many thanks for that!
It worked a treat