Accessibility problem

the forum could have some major accessibility improveements for screen readers, i use jaws for windows from okay, maybe they could tweek it, jaws says clicable, and have to use my jaws mouse cursur to left click using the keyboard, and also, the annimation with css, no good, for a totally blind person, using a screen reader, screen readers cannot read text, inside graphics, images, or those graphics in word , with text emebeeded. should have a button say create new topic or star new topic, or create new post, or something, and also have a button, saying done, or have text saying why you could not post and have text for the errors. if you tweek this for accessibility. you did not test the site site with a screen reader and keyboard user. marvin from adelaide, australia, cannot attend the event, in australia, and that will be 3 am my time, can i have the link to the mp3 or recorded presentation. thanks.

Welcome to the forums, @StarTrekCafe.

I’m sorry to learn that you’re having difficulty accessing the forums. They run on Discourse software, and I know the guys at Discourse have had a couple of discussions in the past about improving accessibility for assistive technology. If you could be bothered to go to the Meta Discourse site and explain the difficulties there, they would be best placed to change the software so that any Discourse site is more accessible. One place to start might be with this topic, first started in 2014:

Of course, if there are any things specific to the SitePoint forums which we could improve, we’d be glad to have your input here.

On an unrelated issue, we had a question here recently about the best practice for using aria roles in site navigation. If you were able to give some information or advice from the perspective of a screen reader user, that would be much appreciated. The topic is here: Aria / Role attributes on menu


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