Access webcam over the internet


This is for my home. I have a local webcam that I want to access it over the internet. I have a static IP from SBC (my internet service).

I connected the internet line directly to my router/modem/switch (all in one), my computer ( to a port on the router/modem/switch, and my webcam ( to another port on the router/modem/switch. I am able to access and view my webcam locally ( from my home pc.

Now I want my friends to access and view my webcam over the internet. How do I configure it so I can access the webcam from http://<static_ip_assigned_by_SBC>?


Only site I seen this done on is contact them and ask :wink:

I would imagine if you can set your camera to listen on a particular port you could set up your router to do port forwarding.

for example if the camera is available on port 456 the internal address would be

Then externally it would be http://your_ext_IP:456

Never done it for a camera but it works for webmin on my home linux box.