Access to site once survey completed


I’m creating a web site that is based off a survey on where people chose to live for multiple locations. I’m using LimeSurvey to gather the data, which works great.

I want to give people access to the results, but only after they’ve completed (and I’ve reviewed) a survey. HOWEVER, I’m trying to keep the data fairly anonymous. I’m nervous if I collect their email address they may not answer all the questions.

Can you think of a way I can grant access without an email address? The only thing I can think of now is to give them a code, and then have them check back in 24 hours to log in with it once their survey is reviewed. But I think that may frustrate people looking for the information.

Any ideas?


You could ask them to create a username/password for access to the results which would be made available in 48 hours. You don’t necessarily need an email address.

Are you giving them access to their own personal results or a aggregate results page?
If an aggregate page then you could just have a final date for collecting data, with those returning after that date seeing the results page.

Hmm that’s a good idea. I’m giving them access to an aggregate results page. But they don’t have to wait for the data to be aggregated. The user is gaining access to other people’s survey data.