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I have also posted this to /r/webdev on reddit but not getting much response, obviously SItePoint is where all the pro’s are at.

I am currently writing a permission based CMS for a client who intends to embed quite a few videos (probably around 1000, but needs to scale).

I need a cloud-based video host which provides some access restriction, I believe a combination of URL tokenization and domain checking embed restriction will do the job although the more options, the better.

I have some experience with BrightCove which do provide the access restriction stated above but I am not very impressed with their free trial account, not least because I cant find the price.

I know a lot of competition has popped up in the past few years: wistia, ooyala, kaltura… Just wondering if anyone can recommend anything. Maybe YouTube and Vimeo have viable business accounts now? I cannot see that they do but maybe there is a workaround.


Vimeo Pro gives you options to allow or deny embedding or restrict it to certain domains only.
Along with various other settings.

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