Access network printer from Win7 on a WinXP server

Hi All,

we have a shared printer in a small network at the company attached to a machine with Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2
All the workers used to use this printer on their WinXP machines. Now we got new laptops with Win7 and I can’t make the printer to work from these new machines. The network is configured, the printer is “visible” but when I try to install the driver (WinXP driver for HP Laser 1010) I got error message “cannot connect to the printer”. I’ve downloaded Vista drivers (there are NO Win7 drivers for our printer), the result was the same. Is there any chance to configure the WinXP server so we can still use the printer (via the network) ?

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated…

According to this, you should try disabling the bidirectional printing support in the driver on your computer. (how to do that is on the linked page)

THNX rushiku for your reply! In the meantime I managed to solve the issue with this help.